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Your individual work place is as unique as the challenges you face within them. It therefore makes sense to ply ergonomic solutions unique to your needs. That is our goal.

Please take note of this partial list of available services and contact us with the concern you have. Whatever you require, we will be happy to discuss the approach taken to identify and implement cost-effective, corrective measures.

  • Assessments for jobs, tasks, tools or programs
  • Construction emphasis
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • Custom DVD and video productions
  • Design for production work efficiency and quality
  • Design for process flow and workstations
  • EEPP (Energy Expenditure Prediction Program™)
  • European Economic Community (EEC) compliance
  • ExeLift™ World-Class lifting techniques
  • Expert witness
  • Force measurements and requirement evaluations
  • Human factors issues specific to lockout/tagout
  • Injury management assessments
  • Insurance company support: claim reviews and administration
  • OSHA state compliance (California, Minnesota)
  • OSHA compliance (Federal level)
  • OSHA compliance citation contest
  • Program development and implementing features
  • Quality Job Interaction
  • Task Evaluations
  • Teams, committees and work practice groups
  • 3D SSPP (Static Strength Prediction Program™)
  • Training for engineers, management and operatives
  • Training the trainer
  • Vibration testing
  • Worker’s Compensation claimant evaluations
  • Workplace evaluations

If you have other ergonomic issues not listed here, please call us at  (763) 354-8213 or email us.