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The Ultimate Gamble

It was one of those routine mornings. Our subject (we’ll call him D.J.) kissed his wife good-bye and hurried off to work, never dreaming that he wouldn’t see her again. People investigating what happened to him had never seen anything like it before. He died at work in a most [...]

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Posture: Sitting, Standing, Chair Design & Exercise

BOOK REVIEW: Posture: Sitting, Standing, Chair Design & Exercise by Dennis Zacharkow, PT; Charles C. Thomas, Publisher, 2600 South First St., Springfield, IL 62794-9265; 1988 Numerous professions stand to gain from this work, including those in risk management, safety, medicine, office management, long-term care, office equipment design, purchasing, engineering, [...]

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The Personal Injury Factor: Safety Not Surgery

Author’s Note: This event is based on a true story about a cosmetic surgeon’s attempt to stimulate prevention amongst safety professionals. Hollywood! That thought kept rebounding back to the surgeon’s brain as he studied the graphic slides for this group of elite safety professionals. Yes, Hollywood created legends and [...]

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Headsets are Hi-Fi Hazards

They are seen everywhere – phones in the ear and a faraway look in the eye. Radio and tape headsets* have become more ubiquitous than portable radios ever were. Do they belong in the workplace? The portability of these devices allows the individual to carry and use the units almost [...]

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Audiometric Testing – A Guide for Evaluating Programs

Author’s note: While the OSHA Hearing Conservation standard has been firmly validated since this article was published, guidelines within are still credible—and potentially useful for bolstering internal procedures. Employers, do you have an audiometric testing program? If so, does it work satisfactorily? Those of you with working programs might feel [...]

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