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Whether a legal challenge is for the plaintiff or defendant, we can assist your legal team.

Are Workers’ Compensation cases demanding skills typically not staffed for in a legal office or risk management team? Consider our skill in determining if the case merits your purview in the first place. If the case is worthy of pursuing, we can offer insights to help in your decision-making process.

Perhaps a deposition or an appearance in court would strengthen your case. We can help with either, based upon years of experience in dealing with the work-related injury complications in insurance and industrial accidents.

Do you need a consulting expert to review case files? Permit us to discuss concerns about the litigation or potential case, to provide insights and help solidify the direction you want to take.

Does a Product Liability case or Workers’ Comp entanglement erode much of your team’s efforts and suggest a new outlook may strengthen your case? Consider the Claim Verification service we offer. It’s about evidence.

Claim Verification provides a scientific basis for the strength or weakness of a case and how it may succeed or fail; it’s an analysis that can remove some or most of the mystery surrounding what really happened before a claim is filed.

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