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We involve management, engineering, production and the grass roots in round table discussions of our findings, showing optimal solutions and working through barriers to avoid retrofitting.

Our consultants employ a seasoned approach, developing solutions and problem-solving, intending to leave your staff with the means to continue ergonomics processes after we leave.

We developed one of the first Personal Security training components in the insurance industry, before the terrorist attacks and active shooter episodes became commonplace. It addresses how to react if confronted with a violent crime threat.

Ergonomics Claim Verification is a scientific approach used to determine if a claim against your firm is legitimate. The process works in evaluating circumstances surrounding Work Comp injuries, Product Liability incidents and other Liability claims, and is designed to withstand legal scrutiny.

Client success includes a DC that registered a dynamic 89% reduction in back injury frequency. Our program, ExceLift, uses professional techniques and approaches that most programs have never explored. Techniques adopted from Olympic-Style weightlifting are protective, coupled with management commitment to engage everyone in a self-sustaining effort.

In-person education always has the advantage over internet presentations. Our educator-host integrates the three styles of how people learn into a stand-up session; that’s a significant challenge in the WebX. Beyond that, the most significant concern in a WebX is the temptation of participants to multi-task while training is underway, which translates to little benefit because of the distractions.

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