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Does your company still experience back injuries after having trained staff and improved its workplace design? If so, then something is seriously wrong.

It’s time to look at ExeLift™.

Principles taught in ExeLift™ are unlike other methods. For example, it is not about ‘forward pelvic tilt,’ nor is it a variation of the dead lift stance incorporated by some. ExeLift™ is about efficiently

utilizing natural body strength and postures, giving it a distinctive edge over other techniques. It is protective in nature, reducing potential for back injuries in the workplace and at home.

ExeLift™ is a superior, scientific means of manually lifting and handling things. It is a philosophy as much as a method, born of need, natural posture—and years of expert lifting experience. Coupled with proven, sound techniques available from the field of Olympic-style weightlifting, ExeLift™ course work is taught by Lee Huber, Certified Master Olympic Weightlifter.

Huber is uniquely qualified as a leading expert in lifting. He is the only known board-certified professional in both ergonomics and safety who is also a Certified, Master Olympic weightlifter. He has converted techniques utilized by the world’s top strength athletes in the sport of weightlifting to the workplace. As such, he has successfully trained people coast-to-coast; border-to-border and in Canada.

In addition to practicing in both ergonomics and safety, Huber, an Olympic-style weightlifter and former record-holder, also coached in both weightlifting and Powerlifting. He gratefully acknowledges the inspiration and back-care ideas from his affiliation with Dennis Zacharkow, PT, acclaimed author of several books and inventor of leading-edge seating devices yogaback™ and zackback®.

Where does technique training fit in risk management protocol? Usually and appropriately, behind other initiatives. We agree with the classical, preferred order with design leading the progression to reduce risk:

Modify Workstations
Engineer to Reduce Risk
Administratively Reduce Risk
Train Trainers
Train Workers

In many cases, training should bring up the rear. Yet, what if the preferred methods of risk reduction are limited by budget or logistics? Then, we should be actively training staff and the field in appropriate handling methods—with the very best we have to offer. And after all, the off-duty employee will benefit from sound training since we cannot readily apply an abundance of physical risk reduction methods at home.

We train people on the correct techniques with ExeLift™, of course, but we also train their management. This vital feature of the training is for monitoring post-training activity. If a person handles material incorrectly even when carrying the right knowledge with them, then we must ensure proper usage by coaching correct behavior.

Our reviews of injury reports for decades leads us to conclude that faulty concepts promoted by ‘experts’ have allowed preventable back injuries to proliferate in U.S. workplaces. It’s time for the bleeding and pain to stop—and reason to prevail. We invite your call and discussion of how we may assist you in preventing injury in your unique environment.

When you experience it, we believe you will agree: ExeLift™ is one of the prime industrial lifting techniques—and it will help your employees safely lift, handle and move material at both work and home. It works for the pros and it will work for you.

“It’s amazing! We’ve had no lower back injuries since his first visit.”
– Administrator, Volunteers of America